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FEJD – Trolldom

Daniel Lemminkainen 20/06/2016 No Comments on FEJD – Trolldom

At the fourth album “Trolldom”, Fejd establish themselves as one of the most interesting folk bands of our time.

Adding electric guitars for the first time to the Swedish folk sound that they’ve helped developing, we can listen a mature band that doesn’t sound any more like a project, but to a band that should be known widely for having this wonderful mixing of metal and Swedish folk. Songs like “Härjaren”, “Trolldom”, “Glöd”, and “Svart”, are the proof that the Swedes want to break the ice and gather more listeners to their camp. We can find exotic instruments like Bouzouki, hurdy gurdy, cow antler, jew’s harp, Swedish bagpipe, and willow-pipe, played by Patrik Rimmerfors, who also give vocals to the record. His brother, Niklas Rimmerfors plays Moraharpa (Keyed Fiddle), and adds back vocals as well. One of the reasons the songs sound so good is due the fantastic work of Per-Owe Solvelius on guitars, especially on “Ingjald Illråde”, and “Hednaland”, never forgetting Lennart Specht on keyboards, and the rhythmic section that is so important in folk records, Esko Salow on drums and Thomas Antonsson on bass. One of the most interesting tracks is “Bed för din själ”, featuring Linn-Katrin Øygard from Bergtatt. We can hear on this track that her voice stands out beautifully from the instrumental.

Ending with “Vinternatt”, and released by Dead End Exit, this is definitely one of the best folk records of the year, with some moments where we may try to take the dance, and others just to sit down and be with our own thoughts.


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