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Daniel Lemminkainen 16/09/2016 No Comments on FINSTERFORST – #YØLØ


 Many of us have never imagined that Finsterforst, after the great impact of their last album “Mach dich frei”, would release a record that has much of flamboyant as of surprising, and this sometimes leads into division and controversy in between fans.

Well, this might not be the case for Finsterforst with their new release “#YØLØ”, since the folk fans seem to dig funny song writing, combined with a heavy sound, and an epic atmosphere. The accordion, the trumpets and other folk melodic elements are present, but this time the forest feeling around the record is definitely out, and it was replaced with a lot of humor, something that flows through out the record in all the songs, most of them about alcohol.

Having songs in English and in German, we can hear tracks like “Bottle Gods”, “Auf die Zwölf”, “#YØLØ”, and “Hangover”, which are the highlights of the record, and show a band that can create genius songs that could be funny and catchy, without losing the spirit for what the band stand for. If this change of “sound” was not enough, the surprises in this record continue as we’ll have here four covers: “Wrecking Ball” (Miley Cyrus cover), “Beat It” (Michael Jackson cover), “Der durch die Scheibeboxxxer” (K.I.Z. cover), and “Das schlimmsteistwenn das Bier alleist” (Die Kassierer cover), all of them crazy experiments, and risky as well, but at the first hearing, the listener will have a good laugh and get definitely the idea behind this record (is there any?!).

Love it or hate it, this record is a breaking boundaries folk collection of songs, that were created for the listener to put a smile on his face, a melodic rampage in his ears, and to open a few drinks until the ending track, the Irish folk song “Wild Rover”. One of the best surprises of the year!




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