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FORCEPS – Mastering Extinction

Marcos Garcia 02/01/2018 Comments Off on FORCEPS – Mastering Extinction

Brutality is a feature that many bands on extreme Metal genres are always looking for, but many can’t fuse it with a good quality approach. Some try to play as raw as they can, or faster than anyone else or even tuning down the instruments is supposed to do the trick. But, if you don’t have enough talent, you are screwed!

But bands like Brazilian quartet Forceps are in the right path. Even though it took some years since their foundation, the wait for the release of their debut full-length “Mastering Extinction” was not in vain.

Mixing an aggressive form of Brutal Death Metal with great production and very good technical skills, they created something with personality. Of course you can spot the influences from names as Suffocation, Aborted or Dying Fetus, with some touches of Cannibal Corpse (pay attention to the bass guitar and you will feel how Alex Webster is a strong influence for them). But the whole musical concept of this quartet holds a ferocious identity with a thunderous energy that flows from each one of their songs. They sure matured a lot from the experience of opening shows for names as Cannibal Corpse and Brujeria.

Doug Murdoch and Emmanuel Ivan worked a lot to build something that has a violent impact, a brutal and aggressive (but always clear) sound. The rawness you feel comes from the instrumental low tunes, but it all sounds in a way that the listener can understand what is going on.

The artwork was done by Rafael Tavares, who created something with a “Lovecraftian” appeal. It fits the lyrics, which deal with the struggle of human race in the search for immortality, and how it will lead to a sterile and bitter end.

Musically, ten songs are the core of their new musical insight. Forceps evolved a lot since their Demos and EP. They are still aggressive and brutal, but with a very good aesthetic feeling complementing the songs. The best moments can be pointed on “Atrocities” and “Transdifferentiated Nano-Cells” (both showing excellent technical guitar riffs along with guttural grunts heavily influenced by Frank Mullen). The oppressive grasp of “Mastering Extinction”, the fast and furious tempos of “Pineal Torture” (this one with a clear classic Death Metal aesthetic), “Human Cryptobiosis” that shows an influence of earlier Brutal Death Metal from the 90s, and the bitter torrent of raw energy that comes from “Creating Ectogenesis” (with excellent harmonic structures and very good vocals once more).

If you are an extreme Metal fan, I truly recommend you to hear “Mastering Extincion”.


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