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FROM NORTH – From North

Daniel Lemminkainen 03/11/2017 Comments Off on FROM NORTH – From North

The self-titled debut album of the Swedish band From North presents a balanced metal based on the Norse mythology. Noticeable in their music are the influences from Pagan metal bands with folk melodies,  while their main influence is Bathory.

“Volund the Smith” opens the journey that this album comprises. A pleasant and well balanced track with all the ingredients that characterise this musical genre. “He Who Hates”, “The Hail”, ”Ship’s Tale”, and “Mead of Poetry”, continue the previously built momentum. All with melodic hooks (not festive folk), well-placed voice (balancing clean and harsh vocals) and guitars. The latter ones somehow elusive to other Pagan metal bands, with consistent and supporting riffs that drive the songs forward. “Sworn Brotherhood” is a good mid-tempo moment in an organic and well composed record, which ends with the title track “From North”. A perfect ending to an album that will leave you thirsty for more. After a few auditions, all previously mentioned elements turn this record into an epic experience.

With a good production, not too modern but also not exactly as the black metal ones, it’s a promising debut album of a band that shows character. There’s not many new bands out there with this impetus in  their first effort. Hope we can hear more from this band in a near future!


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Review by Daniel Lemminkainen
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