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FUNERAL TEARS – Beyond The Horizon

Kasper Pasinski 25/03/2018 Comments Off on FUNERAL TEARS – Beyond The Horizon

Funeral Tears is a solo project of Nicolay Seredov from Russia – who is also known from the black metal band Taiga. This project is providing to the doom scene since 2007. ‘Beyond The Horizon’ is the third full length album of Funeral Tears, and the follow-up work of ‘The World We Lost’, released in 2014.

This six song record lasts for nearly an hour, and it can be simply described as depressing and slow. It starts with the calm intro “Close My Eyes”, that hits the ears of the listener with a wall of guitar sound accompanied by shy and minimalist percussion. Although the pace gets slightly faster when the growling vocals are added later in the song, the depressive mood is maintained throughout the whole composition with the coming and going electric guitar riff.

Next in line is “Breathe”, which was picked as a single to promote the album. In this track we have faint sound evolving into another riff based song. The slow pace is accompanied by a combination of heavily distorted riffs and a clean guitar, a bit more aggressive than in the first track. Vocals are combined between aggressive scream, growl and silent incantations. The song finishes with a distant sound of ambient electronics guiding us to the next one. This formula is maintained throughout the album, keeping the whole thing together, while leaving us with the feeling of it being just one long song.

“Eternal Tranquility”, the last track on the album, is finally providing something that was missing in the majority of the record – keyboards fillings, background tunes and the guitar suite. Despite of in the void of the whole album, this track can be considered as the most positive tone of the whole piece. It is still slow and depressive as it should be. The song doesn’t bring much fresh air to the whole record, however it deserves the attention and is an interesting closing point for the whole piece.

To sum up, we can consider “Beyond The Horizon” to be as it should – a dark, slow and depressive piece of music. The songs are monotonic, the mood is heavy and the music is still a good portion of doom metal. However, this album is missing some diversity between the tracks – the sound and the patterns are repetitive and it doesn’t have a big impact on the work itself. The album is not bringing any new light to the genre however it is a solid piece of funeral doom, something what fans of this type of sound should really like.


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Text by Kasper Pasinski
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