Friday 27th January 2023,
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FUNERARY – Starless Aeon

FUNERARY – Starless Aeon

Funerary-Starless-AeonThe United States have been providing us with some of the most extreme doom metal of recent years. And FUNERARY is another collective you should catapult directly to the very top of that list. This first full length “Starless Aeon” contains 34 minutes of pure dark energy that will suck your strengths till the very last drop of blood.

The initial “Coerced Creation” leads directly to the bottom of the well, guided by some extreme screamo vocals, above some minimalistic instrumental noise, before calmer surroundings take over the stage, with “Atonement” conducting some beautiful negative energy to “Beneath the Black Veil” endless agony. A non-stop funeral doom track, where an enchanted guitar melody guides traditional slow paced gutturals. But not without some harsher voices reappearing towards the end of the track, opening ways for “Starless Aeon” interlude inflicting repetitive movement into your body once the balance seems to be never gone.

 “Depressor” unleashes the last ten minutes of pain, still diving in waters where drums seem to enter at the exact moment, pulling our head down at the same time that the violent bass increases the intensity of those movements. But this journey won’t end before another lift off of space guitar riffs, conducting all the gathered misery to the black portal where it belongs.

All & all a crushing funeral doom album, in a tortuous and malicious experience where Funerary seem to transform its 34 minutes into a continuous cold pain.




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