Tuesday 11th August 2020,
The Black Planet

Ghost Brigade – IV One With the Storm

Ghost Brigade

It’s here! The so long waited album of Ghost Brigade that arrived with the storm “IV One With the Storm”. I still didn’t found out the right words to express what comes from the deeps of these songs, but imagine just this: the dearest angst within a lightness hope of find light at the end of the tunnel. Still dark right? And dark will remain until you put your ears on one of the greatest albuns of the year, that picks up the line of the previous one and gives it an even heavier sound, with thinner melodies, but with the same feeling that these will stay in the chest, enrolled on the mind, and will make part of your blood stream. What a will of see this band live, what a will of scream with songs like Wretched Blues, Departures, Disembodied Bodies, and the finnish lyric Elämä On Tulta!

Words by: Daniel Lemminkainen



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