Saturday 19th September 2020,
The Black Planet

Grave Digger – Exhumation, The Early Years


 It is obviously easy for any band that has a solid career and wants to present themselves to a new audience to record a best of and there we go: a bunch of songs that could makes us listen to the band or leave it behind. Grave Digger did record a best of with most of their hits from the 80’s, but they thought since nowadays heavy metal production has a higher quality than those early times, they re-recorded all those songs, giving them muscle, a proper sound, and making justice to those tracks. Every metal fan will definitely sink the teeth in this one, and it’s a great presentation, making us time travelling back into the 80’s but bringing the goods that only the future holds. Quite a fantastic fusion between so different decades. Hits like “Headbanging Man”, “Witch Hunter”, “Shoot Her Down”, “Heavy Metal Breakdown”, “Enola Gay – Drop The Bomb”, and “We Want To Rock You” are just some of the tracks present in this record. Following the success of the previous two records, it was a smart step of the band to do this, and we definitely appreciate it.




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