Sunday 29th January 2023,
The Black Planet

Grave – Out Of Respect For the Dead


 Looking to bands that keep the Swedish death metal sound as it was before back in the beginning of the 90’s, Grave is definitely one of those. They have raise the bar, and kept doing it the same old way, with the same low production, and apart of offering nothing innovating, they still have what it takes to make a great record and maintaining consistency going record after record. So what do we have here in this new “Out Of Respect For the Dead”? Exactly that: consistency, and in some parts a feeling that we’re hearing a doom almost Black Sabbath riff. Song after song the raw rotten sound pounds and shakes the earth as you’ll hear in songs like “Mass Grave Mass”, “Out of Respect For the Dead”, and “Redeemed Trough Hate”. “Flesh Before My Eyes” is a stunning track with lots of headbanging parts balanced with a slow riff so well known to the fans of the band. “Plain Pine Box” is a nice breakdown from the strong start, progressively heavy with a nice ending guitar solo. “Deified” and “Trail of Ungodly Trades” are tracks with very strong riffs coming from all around and a smashing drum work, trapping the listener into something really chaotic. “Grotesque Glory” is the doom moment that Grave has on every album, that characteristically marks the end of the record.




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