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Daniel Lemminkainen 16/10/2017 Comments Off on GRAVE PLEASURES – Motherblood

The listener might be familiar with the first effort of this band under the name of Beastmilk, but this is the second album as Grave Pleasures. “Motherblood” is the continuation of the improvement that the band started to develop on it’s previous record, where  the heaviness in some guitars was still lacking. “Motherblood” brings that element in almost every song alongside melancholic doom melodies, feature that make the band quite unique in this genre spectrum.

Seeing Linnea Olsson and Uno Bruniusson replaced by Aleksi Kiiskilä (ex-Kohu 63) and Rainer Tuomikanto (ex-Shining SWE) respectively, proved to be hard to know if the lineup change had any impact on this album. The listener can enjoy great songs like “Infatuation Overkill”, ”Doomsday Rainbows”, “Be My Hiroshima”, “Joy Through Death”, “Mind Intruder”, “Laughing Abyss” and “Deadenders”, all with a consistent song writing by Juho Vanhanen and Mat “Kvohst” McNerney (being his voice always on spot during the record). The bass of Valtteri Arino has a continuous growling tune trough out the record, which really helps the songs to achieve the desired impact.

Intense, lustful, with killing hooks to dance with the devil, it’s a post punk feast of nihilistic songs that this genre fans will love. Also, listeners of extreme music can find it very a very interesting discovery, if unfamiliar with the band. This is definitely a band that deserves a serious listening!


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Review by Daniel Lemminkainen
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