Saturday 28th January 2023,
The Black Planet

Graveyard – Innocence and Decadence


 The revival of bands with that fading rock blues sound from the 70’s can easily catch an eye in these days where it’s hard to find bands with a huge soul, something really needed when it comes to this genre. The time machine is well tuned when it comes to Graveyard and their new proposal “Innocence and Decadence”, recorded in Sweden with a producer that needs no introduction, Janne Hansson (Abba, Opeth, The Hives) and  Johan Lindström. There’s songs with a lot of good vibes like “Magnetic Sunk” and the single “The Apple and The Tree”, there’s room for melancholy and nostalgic feelings as you’ll hear in “Exit 97”, “Too Much is Not Enough”, and “Far Too Close”. The ones who like to dance can do it to the sound of “Never Their To Sell”, “Can’t Walk Out”, “Hard-Headed”, and “From A Hole In The Wall”, this one with kind of psych kick in some parts. It’s an album very diverse, with a lot of ideas, but nothing really new in the world of Graveyard came in. Seems that the band is trying maintain the feet on the ground not leaving their comfort zone, keeping the quality all along the record and not giving a step bigger than their own legs. This one is gonna be perfect for long autumn nights and a glass of wine.




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