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Gutalax – Shit Happens

Gutalax – Shit Happens


After one full length record and two splits, the czech goregrind group Gutalax, a band I’ve been following for a long time, the band have finally release their second album, “Shit Happens”, which I was very curious to listen to. It comes with 16 tracks, and three of them have special guests, full with flatulent and fun. Something more common in the goregrind sub genre.

Overall, it’s a very solid and interesting release. Their sound stands out for the quality of the elements common in this music style, like pig and frog squeals, guttural and farts. Although, there are some tracks that stand out more than others. One of which is “Nature Mature”, since the first notes starts, the urge to jump around and headbang takes over you. One other that caught my attention right from the start was “Toi Toi Story”. More than the song itself, the name locks your attention and makes you giggle, because Toi Toi Story is a smart wordplay between the children’s movie and the brand of portable toilets common used in music festivals. Finally, “Hairytails” was the one that spoke to me the most, regarding its musical arrangement and composition.

The presence of well know guests from the scene, that are a part of bigger projects in the goregrind world like Spasm, Destructive Explosion of Anal Garland (D.E.O.A.G.) and Squirtophobic, add on more value to this record.

In conclusion, it is a very entertaining and fun album, from start to finish, with very witty intros that give it a special touch. The themes sex and shit, are two of the most used and famous in this musical scene. I can honestly say that overcame my expectation. It is a good album, and I must recommend it to everyone that enjoys this sub-genre.


Words by: Diogo Lourenço and Rita Limede



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