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GYZE – Northern Hell Song

Daniel Lemminkainen 05/05/2017 No Comments on GYZE – Northern Hell Song

You can find everything coming from Japan. Once in a while, something completely different pops out. Sometimes strange and fascinating, but also weird and a bit mind-blowing due the its strangeness. When it comes to Gyze, the listener will only find the fascinating part. The Japanese trio unleash another exercise of fast and precise melodic death metal, this time entitled “Northern Hell Song”.

The listener can notice that the song construction hasn’t changed much compared to previous albums. Nevertheless it matured, and got tremendously catchy and organic. Some riffs immediately take us back to Children of Bodom and Norther’s early days. Still, it would be unfair to simply compare them to their Finnish influences because they have some kind of oriental melody in those keyboards. These melodies match perfectly with the structure of the song, as we’ll hear in “Pirates of Upas”, “Horkew”, “Dead Bone Blue”, “Black Shumari”, “Perryi Rain Dragon”, “The Bloodthirsty Prince”, and “Northern Hell Song”.

Part of their Finnish sound characteristics might also be coming from the brilliant mixing and mastering by Ahti Kortelainen (Moonsorrow, Sentenced, Sonata Arctica, etc.). Flowing consistently from start to end, these Japanese have probably one of this year’s best proposals when it comes to melodic death metal. And they truly deserve a good listening since this is something that most people don’t want to just pass by and not pay attention to.


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Review by Daniel Lemminkainen
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