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Gabriele Frontini 21/04/2018 Comments Off on HAEMORRHAGE – We Are The Gore


Do you remember the sheer excitement, when as kids on Christmas day you got up from bed and just dashed under the tree to look for the gifts that would soon become your favourite toys? Well, so far, the same genuine feeling can be felt upon each and every Haemorrhage release.

Don’t get fooled by the fact that this new release “We Are Gore” is just their 7th full-length album in all these years. Have a look at their complete discography and you’ll be shocked to see how many splits, EPs and demos Haemorrhage have been releasing!

Big whoop if the music is always the same, this is goregrind or grind/death metal, at its finest. This band has been doing so since the early 90’s, and it was never suppose to get any different. These guys from Spain never failed in serving us something bloody, disgusting and churning.

Titles like “Gynecrologist” (genius), “Bathed In Bile” or “Intravenous Molestation Of The Obstructionist Arteries”,  place you in a grim and rotten morgue (sweet morgue). Here the five Spaniards, including the band latest addition, the drummer Erik Raya, chaotically disembowel something that looks like a corpse, with the same frenzy kids unwrap gifts. Nice, huh? At the end of track #14 there is a brief vocal cover of the famous pop song “We Are The World” by the  guitar player Ana Belen de Lopez.

“We Are Gore” doesn’t particularly shine in terms of new features or sounds, but it’s 100% Haemorrhage and if you were looking for innovation and melodies, well go knock on a different door. In this album things are done in the good old way, virtually continuing onto the same path Carcass left for melodic experimentation in the early 90’s.

8 / 10


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Review by Gabriele Frontini
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