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HAMMERFALL – Built To Last

Daniel Lemminkainen 07/12/2016 No Comments on HAMMERFALL – Built To Last


After 2 very less inspired albums, the Swedish heavy metal hammer returns to the path of glory with “Built To Last”. We don’t know if the changing of record company to Napalm Records did some effect on this, but the truth is that Hammerfall gather in their 10th album a pack of great heavy metal songs, that will delight old school fans, make others return to listen the band, and probably gather some new followers.

Tracks like “Bring It!”, “Hammer High”, “The Sacred Vow”, “Dethrone and Defy”, and “Built to Last”, are instantaneous metal anthems, totally shaped to be played live, with that formula so characteristic of 80’s heavy metal. “Twilight Princess” is the sweet moment of the album, which has more hard moments like “New Breed”, a song with a great message that every single fan of this genre should listen to, and the final chapter “Second to None”, also with a great vibe that will make this listener rotate this album again.

Produced and recorded at various studios, all instruments were done in Castle Black Studios in Härryda, Västra Götaland, vocals in Red Level Three Studio in Los Angeles, California, and mixed and mastered at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg. Counting nowadays with David Wallin on drums, Oscar Dronjak on guitar, Fredrik Larsson on bass,Joacim Cans on vocals, and Pontus Norgren on guitar, the listener will hear that this record has a gang of vocal guests so immense, that make the songs even more epic.

These are the tracks of a record that returns to the formula that made classic heavy metal a genre so simple but powerful, that will always leave in us a sensation of greatness in the spirit and encourage us, no matter what fights we are into in our personal lives. Hammerfall should be proud of their last effort, and the listeners will rejoice with the return of a group that still shows, that they are a force not to be taken lightly.




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