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Helheim – Raunijar

Daniel Lemminkainen 13/12/2015 No Comments on Helheim – Raunijar


 The return of Helheim with their new album “Raunijar” points on a new direction in terms of sound. The raw black metal guitars are there, but this time they wanted to combine other elements like ethnic and Nordic folk within a progressive sound. The skaldic track “Helheim 9” opens the record, and it’s the preparation for the journey we have ahead. “Raunijar” it’s the track that gives name to the record, and after the first listening we can understand why. The Bathory feeling inspiration is always on the air, and it could be listened in tracks like “Asgards Fall III”, and “Asgards Fall IV”, 2 divided songs with the same feeling. “Odr” has clean vocals within a trumpet melody almost symphonic, a sick violin, and an atmospheric piano on the end. This track closes a short but pretty decent record and very inspired when we talk about a genre that easily could fall in monotony. The lyric content is directed essentially to Viking tales, leaving aside the usual black metal spectre.




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