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Hexvessel – When We Are Death

Daniel Lemminkainen 19/02/2016 No Comments on Hexvessel – When We Are Death


 Psychedelic and progressive rock, but never roll, it’s what we can expect from Hexvessel, a band that has on vocals Kvohst (Mat McNerney) from bands like Grave Pleasures and Dødheimsgard. Also counts in with the Finns MarjaKonttinen on percussion, JukkaRämänen on drums, Simo Kuosmanen on guitar, Niini Rossi on bass, and the multi-instrumentalist Kimmo Helén on keys, trumpet and violin. The new album “When We Are Death”, is a typical 70’s exercise that mix rock, melancholy, a bit of folk, and most of all organic melodies that smoothly take over our senses.

“Transparent Eyeball”, “Earth Over Us”, “Cosmic Truth” which has a music video, “When I’m Dead”, and “Green Gold”, are tracks that do exactly what the listener hope for in a record of this genre: to take him far away from reality in a cozy and dark embrace, of almost shamanic melodies. The progressive side was not forgotten as you’ll hear in songs like “Drugged Up On the Universe”, and “Mushroom Spirit Doors”. The ballad “Mirror Boy” will seduce our senses, since is not the typical love ballad, but something more introspective that calls out for us, to give a good thought about what we are hearing. The record walks out with “Hunter’s Prayer”, a perfect track to closing up a very nice album.

This is their first release licensed to Century Media Records via their own Secret Trees label imprint. A body of work that Mat McNerney says is his most personal to date.




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