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Ricardo Pereira 26/11/2018 Comments Off on HORRENDOUS – Idol

 Sunny Philadelphia often births certain musical acts which are the antithesis of their habitat, as is the case with Horrendous. This death metal group has captured the attention of the international metal community by signing with one of the labels industry’s titans, Season Of Mist, who released their fourth full-length album, “Idol”. But are Horrendous world-class material? Let’s find out!

At first glace (or listen) you cannot help but to notice one thing –  this band is simply not a cliché. Diverging from the mass of techdeath bands who mostly sound the same and seem to have an intense allergy to innovation, Horrendous actually sound completely different. Sure, there are some familiar techdeath elements such as the bass tone and respective riffs, and even some guitar riffs cannot fail to remember other great acts of the subgenre such as Obscura, but Horrendous are a different act entirely. Their composition feels organic, something far deeper than simple technical display, and often swivels from epic to technical and groovy. Moreover, their lead singer/guitarist Damian Herring has a voice that is simultaneously dynamic and far different from the genre’s typical monotone guttural vocals.

The only downside to this magnificent work is the production, which is completely lacking in terms of depth. It just doesn’t pack a punch, being somewhat incapable of doing justice to Horrendous’s music. To be fair, all the instruments are perfectly discernible, and the muffled sound helps in creating an atmosphere similar to shoegaze and post-black metal bands. However, its excess of treble and thin guitar tones ultimately make it come off as tamed and contrived.  Be that as it may, don’t let that put you off this great work – we strongly advise you to give it a listen!


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Review by Ricardo Pereira
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