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Huntress – Static

Daniel Lemminkainen 23/09/2015 No Comments on Huntress – Static

The witch is back with her pack and brought a new album , “Static” for all the creatures to listen to. Along with it came in a new guitar player Eli Santana, a new drummer Tyler Meahl, and a new bass player Spencer Jacob. Right from the start, the song “Sorrow” makes quite an impact, and continues with another great song and single “Flesh”, that has a very nice chorus. The mystic side of the band was not forgotten and you can hear it in almost every song of the album, making the lyric content quite exotic, and talking about lyrics, they’re very well written. When it comes to vocals, Jill Janus doesn’t growl as much as she did on the previous albums, maybe trying to challenge herself, proving that she is also one of the best female metal singers of our time. “Brian”, “I Want To Wanna Wake Up” are also great songs, but “Mania” shows perfectly the more personal and sentimental side of Jill. “Four Blood Moons” is so intriguing, very thrash metal and almost asking to be played live, but there’s so much more behind it, like some kind of prophecy. “Static”, “Harsh Times On Planet Soaked” and “Noble Savage” keep the quality of record really high. Every song has a great guitar work, and very well produced as well. The perfect end comes with “Fire In My Heart”. Brace yourselves, The Crone is out to get you!




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