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Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression

Daniel Lemminkainen 23/02/2016 No Comments on Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression


 There’s few words to say that were not said before when it comes to comment something about a master of rock n’roll like Iggy Pop. So what makes this new solo release, the seventeenth studio album, so special? First of all, what we find is new band members that joined in the crazy trip that is to do a record with Iggy:  Josh Homme (back vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, and some percussion) and Dean Fertita (some guitars and keyboards) of Queens of the Stone Age, and Matt Helders, drummer from Arctic Monkeys.

The album was recorded in secrecy by Josh Homme in his home studio in Joshua Tree, California, over the course of two weeks, and another week in his studio in Burbank, California. Iggy and Josh self-financed the album. Iggy and Homme began working on the album in January 2015. Iggy described the album as discussing issues of what happens when your utility is at an end, and dealing with your legacy, while Homme stated that preparing this record helped him cope with the aftermath of the November 2015 attack at the Bataclan.

We don’t find in here straight forward rock n’roll like in other Iggy’s albums, but a very nice experience of ideas, new influences a bit danceable at times, something out of the desert sun, and David Bowie. We’ll hear all of this in songs like “Break Into Your Heart”, “Gardenia”, “American Valhalla”, “Sunday”, “Vulture”, “Chocolate Crops”, and “Paraguay”. We invite you all to jump in this crazy convertible wagon trough the senses and ride into nothingness, has we feel somehow that this is a healing record that we should listen in harmony with ourselves.




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