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JUDAS PRIEST – Firepower

Daniel Lemminkainen 27/05/2018 Comments Off on JUDAS PRIEST – Firepower

Who would guess that after all these years, Judas Priest would come back with one of their best albums. With a career that needs no introduction, here they are back once more! So, “Firepower” is the answer to all the pleas from the fans of classic heavy metal everywhere, with that old school feeling.

Digging into the record, songs like “Firepower”, “Lightning Strike”, “Evil Never Dies”, “Never the Heroes”, and “Necromancer”, show us a band that is alive and well, with that pace that somehow lacked in the previous releases. It has that magic touch of taking the listener back into memory lane, making us feel like if we were living those good old days, with the fantastic vibe and production of nowadays.

Rob Halford can still deliver great pitch into the songs, whenever needed from him. This metal God puts everything that he has got in the mid tempo songs like “Children of the Sun”, “Rising from Ruins”, or “No Surrender”.  showing to the most skeptical listeners that after all these years, he’s still “the voice” of Heavy Metal.

However, there is always one song that stands out the most. In this case it’s “Flame Thrower”,  some might even consider it to be one of the best songs they’ve recorded in years. Andy Sneap, well known producer, did all the mastering, engineering, mixing (with the help of Mike Exeter), and along with Tom “Colonel” Allom in the production. Their work helped the band record a fantastic opus of classic heavy metal, something hard to find these days, with such great vibe and dedication.

To sum it up, there’s no big story behind this record, nor a concept, just a will of deliver great music. In the end they have given to the audience what an historic band like Judas Priest can give: music that will be listened to forever.


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Review by: Daniel Lemminkainen
Managing editor: Rita Limede



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