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KADAVAR – Rough Times

Daniel Lemminkainen 14/10/2017 Comments Off on KADAVAR – Rough Times

Do you crave for heavy fuzzing guitars with psych melodies and a retro sound from an era where people were really passionate about music? Kadavar and their new album “Rough Times”, the fourth of their career, is the listener’s answer.

Their sound blends Black Sabbath with garage rock, spiced up with a pinch of Led Zeppelin, Blue Cheer and The Doors. This is their heaviest release, as the listener will have the pleasure to discover in songs like “Rough Times”, “Into The Wormhole”, “Skeleton Blues”, “Die Baby Die” and “Tribulation Nation”. Worth mentioning “Vampires” particularly catchy chorus and “The Lost Child” whistling section that provides this track a very cinematographic inspiration.

Fuelled with all the 70’s spirit, it’s an enjoyable record to listen from beginning to end. The album shows a band that goes that extra mile without losing focus and integrity in terms of sound and image. When it comes to song writing, they push themselves to present something fresh and  different. Accomplishing something original comparing to all the other retro fashion bands that a few years ago stormed the rock world.

This is a record with many hooks and ghostly parts, complemented by a well-placed organ providing it a certain mystery. Most of the songs are mid-tempo, flowing in a very organic way till the end. Closing the album is “A L’Ombre du Temps”, a recitation in French with a tender bitterness around it.


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Review by Daniel Lemminkainen
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