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Kampfar – Profan

Daniel Lemminkainen 17/11/2015 No Comments on Kampfar – Profan
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Kampfar, one of the Norwegian standards nowadays for black metal released another profanity from the very deeps of hell.

“Profan” shows us a mature band, which definitely left behind the Viking tales to focus only on pagan stories with a much more raw sound. Recorded in Bergen and in Hemsedal, Norway, what we have is a fast and ravenous album, where less is more when we look to the 7 tracks of the record. Although, all the tracks are very well written and played with a lot of essence, as we’ll hear for example in “Gloria Ablaze”, “Profanum”, “Icons”, and “Daimon”, to which the band filmed a video that we can see below. This song has one of the most stunning riffs and chorus that the band ever recorded. Despite having less melodies than the previous record, expect nothing new on the genre. Still it’s an album with some great moments of headbanging and some others of contemplatinglike in “Skavank”.

The last song “Tornekratt” is the perfect outro from this journey through dark ages of fire and flames, a blink to something epic, and for sure, destructive to come.


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