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KATALEPSY – Gravenous Hour

Daniel Lemminkainen 20/09/2016 No Comments on KATALEPSY – Gravenous Hour

 Death metal bands with a lot of technical parts and a brutal groove are emerging from the gutter, and gathering some followers that seem to dig these kind of bands with passion. One of the bands that are responsible for that, is Katalepsy.

At their second album “Gravenous Hour”, these Russians continue to thrill that road like only they know, with a style of their own, with effective riffs, a power drumming work, and a growling vocal style typically death metal. Songs like “Blinded Sultan”, “To the Lords of Nihil”, “Critical Black Mass”, “The Long Bright Darkness”, “Monastery of Nothing”, “Grave New World”, and “Ghoul Inquisitor”, are good examples of the technic of these musicians allied with a brutal slamming sound.

With Anatoly Shishilov on bass, who was also responsible for most of the lyrics, Anton Garasiev and Dmitry on guitars, Evgeny Novikov on drums, and Igor Filimontsev on vocals, the listener will find one of the best proposals of the year in this genre.

Recorded at Cosmos Studio, mixed, and mastered by Arkady Navah in Navaho Hut Records, what the listener will find in this Katalepsy record, is an affective and modern production, that definitely has that groove that the listener will dig without much hesitation, and will make his head bang.  Even the most skeptical listener will be tempted to do that, due to the loud sound and song composition.




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