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Keep Of Kalessin – Epistemology

Keep Of Kalessin – Epistemology
Keep of kalessin epistemology

5 years have passed since Keep Of Kalessin’s previous album “Reptilian” hit the shelves. In the meantime, screamer Thebon left the band, the band (now as a trio) released an EP entitled “Introspection” expressing what the band was, probably, going through at that time.

Now a new studio effort has been released: “Epistemology” doesn’t bring much when it comes to new ideas, but it solidifies the direction taken by the band in the past few years.
The album starts and ends with extremely long songs, almost hitting the 10 minute mark, a detail which doesn’t come in the band’s favor and immediately shows what you can expect from this record. The formula is the same used in the previous albums, this time with Obsidian handling vocal duties, making the band sound much more melodic (and sometimes irritating, specially in the epic endless chorus) instead of violent, compared to Thebon’s style.
The writing style dwells within a mix of furious Black Metal rhythms, Thrashy fast paced guitar riffing, vocals and lyrics resembling something that you could easily find in those epic fantasy-themed Power Metal bands. This mixture would not be a problem if it wasn’t repeated so much in songs like “Dark Divinity” or “Epistemology” which are unnecessarily too long. While some songs can be distinguished by their different approach in style and structure, such as “Necropolis” and “Universal Core”, the best moments of this album, by far. Other moments could be easily removed from the equation, “The Grande Design” is the one to point due to it’s repetitiveness, uninspired and washed out riffs makes the song almost sound like a speed exercise instead of an actual song.
In conclusion, Keep Of Kalessin have shown that they can do a lot better. The album doesn’t reach “Armada”… but is solid production-wise and a good effort that will for sure please the fans of the formula used in the last albums. But, in the future, they need to distinguish their “Killer” from their “Filler” better, though. Waiting for the next one from these Norsemen who walk their own path.




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