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KORPSE – Unethical

Luís Pinto 30/08/2016 No Comments on KORPSE – Unethical


 Korpse, hailing from the Netherlands, have been a power house in the last two years when it comes to slamming brutal death metal. Following their first self-titled album, “Unethical”, which came out on Rising Nemesis Records, offers more of the same kind of brute force grooviness you would except from this band.

This album further enhances the lyrical concept that Korpse have been preaching since their start. Unethical violence against all that is alive. Cannibalism, rape, executions, drug addicted war lords, pedophilia, you name it. And musically speaking, the band tries to transmit this kind of raw savagery into their sound, playing along with slam riffs and catchy blast beats to break the slowness of the slams themselves.

Always looking at monolithic bands of the genre such as Devourment or Cephalotripsy, Korpse chose to go to a more groovy and heavy path, instead of the classic uncontrolled, repetitive and exaggerated sound of the said bands. The guitar is heavy enough to help when the bass drops come, the snare on the drums is not too pingy, and the vocals are something between pig squealing and gutturals.

This means that you will find a good quality production on this album without it losing the heavy elements of the genre. Songs like “Retaliation” or “Deformed To The Extreme” show off best what Korpse can do when they pick up instruments. And the track “Cannibal Warlords” sets the mood for the feeling that the album tries to pass on to us, combining perfectly with the artwork. It’s worth mentioning that the fantastic artwork and layout made by Phlegeton (Wormed’s vocalist)will help you immerse in the sound.

In short, “Unethical” stays ethical to what slam should be, without it being too raw or too well produced, with each element of the band never being underappreciated due the good production found in here. Perfect to mosh to at live show. As a bonus, the arwork of the cover makes a physical copy look amazing being a perfect collectable for every slam fan out there!




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