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LATHSPELL – Torn Cold Void

Daniel Lemminkainen 21/06/2016 No Comments on LATHSPELL – Torn Cold Void

Mostly unknown from the black metal scene, the Finnish band Lathspell at the fifth record “Torn Cold Void”, presents a great exercise of consistent and raw black metal.

Composed by four long tracks “I Am Death”, “Beneath the Flaming Earth”, “Blood Embrace This Soil”, and “Torn Cold Void”, making a 40 minutes album. We can hear that the record flows organically, but still with that characteristic hellish sound that the listeners of this genre are so used to. We can hear that the guitars sound really heavy, with good leads, and the bass doesn’t stay hidden all the time. It has some moments when it actually gives some melody to the song. The record has some melodic intros, very melancholic bit still grim, that prepare the listener for Hell to come. The album was recorded during 2015 at Patologian Laboratorio Studio, with Kostamo and Ruho on guitars, Lima on drums, and Grim666 on bass and vocals, and it’s limited to 500 copies. The artwork is simple but really catches the eye.

If the listener is looking for some straight forward black metal, well written and but still defying, this is a good record. It balances in between the old devilish sound, and the will to not just record another album like so many have done it before. At some point, it almost sound progressive.


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