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Leaves’ Eyes – King Of Kings

Daniel Lemminkainen 14/09/2015 No Comments on Leaves’ Eyes – King Of Kings

 Liv Kristine and her band are back with more stories about Vikings on their new album “King Of Kings”.

The challenge here is to listen from the perspective of a woman, old war heroes and northern myths that usually we listen on other genres, and way the songs were composed makes it different at least, more melodic and symphonic. “Halvdan The Black”, “The Waking Eye” and “Sacred Vow” are the typical great songs that the band already used their fans, with Liv’s voice leading the march, but there’s also space for folk in “Vengeance Venom”, the ballad “Haraldskvæði” and “Swords In Rock”. Here and there Alexander Krull makes an appearance to strength up the songs, but there’s also guests like Simone Simons in “Edge of Steel”, one of the most epic songs of the record when all vocalists rise up in a majestic chorus, and Lindy-Fay Hella in “Blazing Waters”.

Don’t expect something normal as symphonic metal from this band, because in here, there’s so much more.




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