Tuesday 07th February 2023,
The Black Planet


Despite caming from the hexagon of the old continent, LEAVING PASSENGER, seem to be jettisoned straight from the marican suburbia of the turn of the millenium. In fact, they’re as american nu-metal, as you can get.

Going through the EP seemed as jourey back in time, to my adolescence years, when the music was linear, a vocals-driven. Then change came, and nu-metal was looked down as a poor sub-genre, and there were reasons for it. In spite of the incredible sound quality, and astonishing production, LEAVING PASSENGER  reminds us of a time we’d only revisit for a glimpse of nostalgia. And then we’re done.

LEAVING PASSENGER brings almost everything that we remember  from the soft nu-metal, and why it is so unmemorable . It’s just too simple, too raw, too linear, and the song structure too simple. Some say less is more. In this case, less is indeed less.

The guitar is as you’d expect, heavy, dual chorded, and the vocals spitting out all the teenager inside. Same as the lyrics, which portray all the juvenile melodrama of precocious relationships and summer passions like in «Running back to me».

Don’t expect insighted opinions, nor the music conveys such complex emotions. It is straight, and it is fast music. Consume it, and then you’re on.




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