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Leprous – The Congregation

Leprous – The Congregation


 Leprous, since their first release “Aeolia” almost 10 years ago, were never much of a band that followed any rules. After their major breakthrough the band just kept on rising and challenging the way we see progressive music now a days, and their latest release, “The Congregation”, is a fine example of that.

The group that made themselves stand for being the support group for Ihsahn on tour, has been able to make a name on their own due to the quality and edginess of their music. “The Congregation” is a concept album, where we are driven to think by ourselves about what goes on around us. It’s a satire to all of those who follow everything without questioning and are numb to everything bad that goes on in the world, with sharply written lyrics and beautiful metaphors.

Musically speaking, it feels like the natural evolution of “Coal”. Although it seems a bit “heavier”, all the elements are there. There’s melody, great riffs and strange tempos, growls and some of the loveliest clean vocals you’ve heard in a long time. Einar’s voice gives the band a special kind of distinctive signature. Songs like “Slave” and “Third Law” are the ones that better express the record’s feel.

It’s a very solid release, that shows a great evolution and lives up to the band’s potential. Tracks like the ones mentioned before, “Rewind”, “The Price” (the single) and “Down” are the ones that stand out the most. It’s a lovely and original progressive metal piece that defies once more the definition of the genre. Recommended for everyone with a wide taste in music far away from generic formulas.




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