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Lost Society – Braindead

Daniel Lemminkainen 13/01/2016 No Comments on Lost Society – Braindead


 After two fast, loud and brutal albums, with all the essence of old school thrash metal played as crazier as they could, raising their own flag in a genre that little has to evolve, the Finnish thrashers decided to move on, and not make a part III of the previous records, but to refine their sound and explore themselves as musicians, as we’ll hear in the new one “Braindead”. That doesn’t mean that we’ll hear slow songs, but more mid-tempo riffs built around an headbanging vibe, that flows through the record. The single “I Am the Antidote” it’s the first shock, and it gives us what to expect from the rest of tracks. “Riot”, “Mad Torture”, and “Hollow Eyes” are songs that follow the same line of work. “Rage Me Up”, and “Hangover Activator” are the aggressive moments of the record, blinking an eye to what the band have done in the previous records.Recorded, produced and mixed at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki, Finland, the new chapter of these guys close with the audacious “Only (My) Death Is Certain”, and the funny “P.S.T.88”. This band is not a promise anymore, is a certain thrash great. Way to go boys!




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