Sunday 05th February 2023,
The Black Planet

LUTECE – From Glory Towards Void


 At the 3rd Flight, LUTECE, a promising black metal band, presents us w/ their doomsday nightmare à la tronçonneuse. And, despite the semmingly epic proportions, this is actually a one-man show, coming out from one man’s head. Denosdrakkh, is the satan’s acolyte form the hell breaks, loose. And that has been the devil’s intent since the band started off. Antoine Arrighi, Denosdrakkh human form, is th sole creator of the draconian machine, crating writing all the instrumental parts.

Still such burdensome task is too much for one man, and Hesgaroth, was held w/ all the lyrics tasks. And as expected the news they have to give are not good. Often inspired by pagan mythilogy, Hesgaroth revives many of the cults and myths (specially the bloody ones), that come to live in strong tracks such as “Labyrinth of Souls” or “The Dance of Rolling Heads”.

The atmosphere is dark and the ambience is agonizing. The opening title “Let the Carnyx Sound Again” serves as dark and anticipating entrée for what is to come, the Heralds of Doom, proclaim the world’s end. The pace of the album is constant, as what a black metal album is supposed to be, heavy from start to finish. Still you can see a lack of diversity as mid-way between the album a softer approach is expected.

Despite the creativity force that Denosdrakkh is, opening the gats of hell whith his madnessing guitar shredding, you hope to see more of a collective effort into this. The bass could breathe more into the music giving it a more profound tone, or the drums could aspire to an unbreakable tour-de-force. still Lutece is a force to be reckon with and certainly a band to have under eye.




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