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Elsa Marques 23/10/2017 Comments Off on MAJOR PARKINSON – Blackbox

Major Parkinson upcoming, and 4th release, has been entitled “Blackbox”. And like in a blackbox you can expect to find a bit of everything. Incorporating elements from radically different styles they  produce some unconventional sonorities. This Norwegian band has proven before their tendency for the theatrical and cinematographic songs. On this release, they levelled up one notch proving themselves even more efficient in embedding the audience into their music.

All tracks leads you into a particular story and ambience. Tracks like “Night Hitcher”, “Before the Helmets” and “Isabel” are perfect examples of how one single track can transport you into so different scenarios that build one little history per song. One could easily imagine these as soundtracks of any kind os sci-fi, drama, horror movie or series. The title track “Blackbox” closes the album, and in my humble opinion might not be most representative track of what the album has to offer, ending the album in a mellow and somehow monotonous tone. The track accomplishes the maybe intentional role to tune down the excitement provoked by previous tracks, highlighting the nice piano that provides it a particular glamour.

Overall, all album tracks proved to have a complex composition, full of intricate details, cinematographic and catchy melodies, spiced up with many mood/rhythm swings. Lyrics are in perfect sync with the melodies and scrutiny of them is highly advised. Taking as example other bands included in this particular genre, one can wonder how this tracks will dazzle the audience when performed live.

Beware, that this is definitely not an album for the lovers of the most raw and extremely heavy sonorities. Its a complex and intricate fine work with many details to soak in, charming at first progressive rock enthusiasts. For those not familiar with this genre, but with a flair for cinema and theatre, this is definitely a band and album you should at least get familiar with.


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