Saturday 19th September 2020,
The Black Planet

Malevolent Creation – Dead Man’s Path


 Five years separates the new “Dead Man’s Path” from the previous record of Malevolent Creation. Dead Man’s Path is a doom track, a prelude of something that the album will not follow, which is an exercise of old school death metal with the typical American dirty production, blinking an eye to the Swedish recording, balancing fast parts with mid-tempo riffs and a great drumming work, as you’ll hear in songs like “Soul Razer”, “Imperium (Kill Force Rising)”, and “Corporate Weaponry”. “Blood of The Fallen” and “Resistance is Victory” are songs with ravaging beginnings, taking the riffs to a whole new level of aggression. The last one may be one of the best songs the band ever written. “12th Prophecy”, “Fragmental Sanity”, and “Face Your Fear” are destructive tracks that will make the diehard death metal fans feel at home, in a pit very dirty, fast and aggressive. It’s a brutal death metal record in is essence, nothing fancy, nothing original, but still a great album that will make your ears bleed.




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