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MALLORY – Sonora RF Part II

Vasco Baptista 18/10/2017 Comments Off on MALLORY – Sonora RF Part II

Mallory seems like everything but an European band. With heavy blues hard rock root, the frenchman quartet makes us take a tour into the neo-american urban myths, with a heavy trend for storytelling. In fact Mallory is nothing but their muse, that meets the french quartet in a bar, a invites them into a ride into the Inferno. In a very Tarantino’s (whose they confessed to be true fan lovers) «Natural Born Killer» kind of way. «Riot» is the kick start of the hell trip, with a very good riff, and the bass creating a nice time shift to the second part of the song, laying out the philosophy of the extreme and short life of a rock and roller.

Despite being very hard and bluesy in their sound, Mallory still stick to their roots, particularly in the chosen language, changing the lyrics from english to french, back and forth. Entailing the story of how Mallory, which in the end could be just one of those groupie goddesses, that crack the mind of road touring bands. In the track «Plan B», deepens the story of how Mallory affects the band, like a mermaid to Odysseus, driving them crazy to follow them no matter what.

This is where certainly Mallory really exceeds expectations, creating a nice narrative, and giving the lyrics the credit they deserve on the hard rock scene, and specially keep betting on a concept record, specially a bilingual one. One where you have to «maitriser» both languages to keep tagged with the story.

And what it i good about the band is their guarantee to elevate their Roger Daltrey vocalist – Phil – to tell it, and still have space for the instrument itself. «Dillemma» is just one of the great songs we can find in this work.

The versatility of the Mat technique is significant, and really makes instrument shine, throughout the album, and the main responsible for the change of scenery in between songs. That harpejo intro into «Cheveux noirs» and the melancholic solo into «Last Days» is just sublime.

Certainly a band to keep under look in the near future.


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Review by Vasco Baptista
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