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Månegarm – Månegarm

Daniel Lemminkainen 20/11/2015 No Comments on Månegarm – Månegarm


 Returning to the releases with a self-titled álbum, Månegarm continue to show us pagan metal mixed with folk melodies, singing about Norse mythology and Viking gods. Nothing much different from previous albums, as long as they keep the quality of the songs. More focused on the biography of Odin, this album sounds very alike the previous 2, same production and as result, a sound that already used the fans and easily they can identify it as the Månegarm sound, which is a victory for the band, in a genre where some groups sound so very alike. “Blodörn”, “TagenavDaga”, and “Odin Owns Ye All” make instant impact as some of the best songs the band ever written, followed by an acoustic break in “Blot” and“Vigverk – Del II”. “Call of the Runes” is a track with a great riff that reminds us of Skálmöld, with that epic feeling so well known to fans of pagan metal. The bonus song “Mother Earth Father Thunder”, cover from Bathory, features Jennie Tebler (Quorthon’s sister), A.A. Nemtheanga (Primordial) & Mikael (Ereb Altor), it’s one of the highlights of the album, which has a stunning acoustic intro. The album combines lyrics in Swedish and English.




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