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Megaherz – Erdwärts

Rita Limede 13/01/2016 No Comments on Megaherz – Erdwärts


 Being a Neue Deutsche Härte band, formed slightly prior to Rammstein, it is totally unfair to say that Megaherz is copy of the former. Although, truth be told, “Wer hat Angst vor’m Schwarzen Mann” does sound like Rammstein – the intro rings of “Pussy”, a drum pattern too much like “Wollt Ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen”… but then the chorus gets so mainstream that you almost wish there were more similarities to other known songs.

Still, it is the hardest song in the EP, which was probably the reason why it was chosen to promote it – even if not exactly the best; the “Härte” in “Ist das verrückt” may be a lot fainter but the melody, somewhat dark, is way catchier and more enthralling.

There is another ballad, “Einsam”, of a sad nature as its title (“lonely”) suggests. A female voice helping out Lex Wohnhaas contradicts it, true, but it actually enhances the whole feeling, so it bears a nice touch. But “Glorreiche Zeiten”, on the other hand, is a weak pop track.

The last two songs are re-recordings of “Teufel” and “Jordan”, originally featured in the 1998 album “Kopfshuss” and sung by Alexx Wesselsky. Along with the different singer, both suffered a “glossy treatment” – the second more than the first. And while “Teufel” sounds classier, the original rawer “Jordan” will always be better.

So, summing it up: two good ballads, one not-that-good track, one bad, one nice revamp and another one that we could actually live without. A little more edge to it and “Erdwärts” wouldn’t be so average.


Words by: Renata Lino



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