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João Osório 17/05/2018 Comments Off on MELODRAMATIC FOOLS – Dog in the Rain

Dozens of new albums from bands more or less established are released on a daily basis. Unfortunately we can’t review or notice all of them, but sometimes we come across an exceptional album that can’t go unnoticed. This is the case of the new EP by Melodramatic Fools entitled Dog in the Rain, that was released in October 2017. This band from Bavaria (Germany) plays a mix of heavy / thrash metal with strong rock influences with a pinch of stoner.

The album begins with the album title track Dog In The Rain. This track included it’s own intro section with a dog barking and “a cappella” singing. The track surely has the potential to become the band’s anthem in the future. With a melody resembling western music it is a very catchy and good to sing along song.

Amongst the 5 tracks that comprise this EP, what stands out the most is the vocal range of Simon Pachali. Highlighting the  quick changes between clean and harsh vocal or even growls. A clear example of the wide vocal range can be found in the second second track of the album, “Bullshit”. This is a thrash-alike song in which we can find the whole vocal package, including grunts that are closer to grindcore than death metal. “Bullshit” is a rather fast song, with that punk thrash feeling spiced up with some heavy metal solos. The other 3 songs fall more more into the hard / heavy rock genre, being also very good and  inspired songs with perfect execution.

This is undoubtedly a band that should be followed closely in the future. They may be a bit melodramatic because of their love to the music, but they are surely not fools, knowing very well what they are doing. Let’s wait with high expectations for the second LP album.


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