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MOEBIUS – Hybris

Filipe Gomes 22/03/2018 Comments Off on MOEBIUS – Hybris

Once in a while, an underground band emerges from the huge pile of unoriginal repetitiveness that infects the current metal scene. Moebius, standing out with their work quality, is definitely one of those cases. They can be pictured as a mixing bowl, with some Tool, Uneven Structure, Meshuggah and a pinch of Xerath. This seems the recipe of Moebius, a group which has released a solid debut album called “Hybris”.

These fellows managed to incorporate groovy sections accented by some typical Math accents. In order not to make it boring, they also threw in some ambient passages. And this is exactly how “Hybris” begins, with a eerie-sounding ambient intro with some Tool-like percussion. This one has the potential to integrate the soundtrack of a game or horror movie. The storm of groovy riffs complemented by the fantastic drum work starts soon after and it does grab you by the throat. Moebius shows us that you don’t need to play fast in order to be great. On the contrary, the slower they get, more time you have to absorb and process every dissonant chord, offbeat ghost note and guitar solo that echoes in the room. You can witness the puzzle pieces coming together to form a colossal record which deserves a greater exposure.

Amongst the highlights of “Hybris” are the melodic choruses of “Lead”. This endeavour could have gone very wrong, yet they greatly succeed. “Mercury” and “Obsidian” are rather short and difficult to process, making you go re-listen to them.

“Inflection I” is a good example of what the band can do when they explore other sonorities. It is a great quality instrumental interlude. By appearing midway through the album, gives us time to breathe and prepare for the rest that is coming. “Limestone” takes us on a journey with smooth guitar arrangements creating an introspective sonic atmosphere. All this is always supported by Valentino Sanna’s creative drum patterns. It’s a longer song, with different sections, wandering into post-Rock and more atmospheric vibes. On the other side, “Uranium” is a great showcase of the rhythmic strength and of the more abstract side of Moebius, reminding us again of Tool sonority.

The album ends with an out of the ordinary song called “Diamond”. It’s a 12 minute-long journey which starts nice and slow. It has an inexplicably conclusive vibe to it, getting more relaxed as time goes by, with a great guitar solo kicking in. “Inflection II” is the absolute conclusion, closing this chapter nicely.

Overall, “Hybris” is a very solid record, with a great production and very well mixed. This benefits the band by making the songs sound heavy, yet clear. A release recommended for fans of acts like Tool, Meshuggah, Xerath, Porcupine Tree and even Mastodon. Moebius has now a big responsibility on their shoulders when recording their next album since “Hybris” will be difficult to top up.


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Review by: Filipe Gomes
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