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MOONSORROW – Jumalten Aika

Daniel Lemminkainen 04/04/2016 No Comments on MOONSORROW – Jumalten Aika


 A comeback to the roots it’s a usual step that bands usually take when they face that experimenting has gone too far or they realize that to be in the comfort zone it’s the better way to keep people interested in the music. Moonsorrow decided to take both steps at once in this “Jumalten Aika”, and present us with a sound that typically reminds us of their first 3 albums: tremendously epic, very Bathory black metal style during the Viking phase, adding both Nordic folk and chorus.

“JumaltenAika” has a beginning that remind us of Wardruna, and progressively evolves to what we look for in this record. It’s the return of the band to the great songwriting, as we’ll hear also in “Ruttolehto incl. PäivättömänPäivän Kansa”, with all the elements of the record coming alive (folk, norse chorus, ferocious black metal sound) in perfect harmony with the heavy guitars of Henri Sorvali and MitjaHarvilahti. “Sudentunti” the chosen single has for the first time in the history of the band, a video clip, and shows us very well the balance that the listener can find in the record in between heaviness and melody. The keyboards of Markus Eurén, have a very important part in this record guiding the songs forward. Descending into a melancholic darkness the acoustic opening of “Mimisbrunn” is superb, marching into a great track that will guide the listener into the grimmest places of this new tale, until with reach the end with “IhmisenAika (Kumarruspimeyteen)”.

Supported by a crushing production, courtesy of the band themselves, this new opustells stories of gods, of men and their fickle fates, of fire and death, of creation itself and most importantly the runes, says Ville Sorvali (bass & lead vocals): “They are not meant to repeat any old lore word by word. They are observations and interpretations.”




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