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MOTORHEAD – Clean Your Clock – Live in Munich

Motörhead  - Clean Your Clock

 The band and UDR Records decided to record the shows of November 20th and 21st of 2015 in Munich, Germany, trying to foreseen what could have been the swansong for Lemmy, and deliver later something for the fans to remind and cheer, what Motorhead used to do better: a right in your face performance of raw rock n’roll.

The listener can find in “Clean Your Clock” this box the audio concert CD and live DVD of the show. We could go all the way and talk about the wizardry of Phil Campbell on guitar, and of Mikkey Dee on drums, but it was all about the power and energy of Lemmy in here.

Despite his voice and shape were far from seeing better days, the man was there standing tall, doing what he did best, playing the songs with a lot of effort and passion, and the listener can fell exactly that from this live record. He didn’t want to leave this world without a blast, as we’ll hear in songs like “Bomber”, “Metropolis”, “Over The Top”, “The Chase is Better Than the Catch”, “Orgasmatron”, “Dr.Rock”, “No Class”, and the iconic “Ace of Spades”. There was also a bluesy moment in “Lost Woman Blues”, and the acoustic surprise “Whorehouse Blues”.

Against all odds, we can hear, if doubts remained, that Motorhead was a force of nature, a triumphant live act, as the crowd shows during the concerts that they were with the band. The live recordingends with the stunning “Overkill”, and the nostalgic sensation of reminding how that “Murder One” amplifier used to sound. Goodbye Lemmy and Motorhead, and thank you for showing us during 40 years what rock n’roll is all about.




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