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MYRKUR – Mareridt

Daniel Lemminkainen 01/09/2017 No Comments on MYRKUR – Mareridt

The return of Myrkur, one of the most controversial acts in most recent times, that divided opinions in the underground movement, returns with her second album “Mareridt”. The listeners this time, might get surprised by what they will find, since the album is more focused on the angelical voice of Amalie Brunn, as well as on the folk melodies that drive the songs into a strange comforting darkness, with typical northern melancholic lines.

Opening with the vocal exercise “Mareridt”, the album starts to get gain strength and dark with “Måneblôt”, “The Serpent”, and “Elleskudt”. There’s also other interesting tracks, a bit different from the structure of the debut album, like “De tre piker”, “Kætteren”, and “Børnehjem” (this one is a pretty scary track), where Amalie explores some ancient folk melodies, guiding the listener to a melancholic gloomy finale. Before that, the listener have the chance to discover a fantastic track, that defines this record perfectly, “Ulvinde”, mixing all the elements that Myrkur (who did all guitars, bass, piano, along with other instruments) incorporates in their music, in a balanced and organic way.

It’s an album that is far from being black metal, since it’s more ethereal and complex than the first one, and also presents the listener with different ideas, and different perspectives compared with the first effort. It’s not fast paced or metal driven, but it’s still an exercise of good music, for the spirit and for the mind.


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