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NAGLFAR – Cerecloth

Uta Arnold 14/06/2020 Comments Off on NAGLFAR – Cerecloth
Naglfar cerecloth

Naglfar is one of Sweden’s rolling stones when it comes to blackened death metal. They always followed their own path, never gave in to the newest trends, but created art in the way their heart and their instincts told them to.

Their newest creature from hell is called “Cerecloth” which describes a waxed wrap around a corpse. And the interesting thing about this album is how Naglfar manages to merge their very own style, developed through the years through songwriting that guarantees for voltage throughout the whole record. The effective ingredients such as massive guitar walls and vicious growling are used to express their misanthropic approach. But, every now and then the listener will be starstruck by straightforward catchy melodies or vocal lines that do not need too much orchestration around.

The album lyrics are traditionally about the despise towards mankind, adorned with some demonic sceneries. When vocalist Kristoffer “Wrath” Olivius is putting on his extra hissing way of growling, it all becomes extra edgy and truly diabolic sounding.

An absolute highlight of the record is “Last Breath Of Yggdrasil”, the final track. Lyrically it describes the end of the mighty mythical world tree Yggdrasil in very poetic yet gloomy words. And with Yggdrasil’s end, our world would vanish, too. This marks the theatrical end of mankind and all things existing, being symbolism for what Man is heading to, with one’s eyes open yet remaining blind… relentlessly marching towards their doom.

To sum it up, with “Cerecloth” you can be sure to get Naglfar’s best combination of familiar sounds and new compositional constructs. The gates of hell are open wide…


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Review by Uta Arnold
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