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NAÏVE – Altra

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NAÏVE – Altra

naive albumNaïve reminds me a lot of a new wave of Prog-metal that depicted the progressive scene in the early 00’s, to which OSI, Pendulum, Anathema (during their metamorphosis) or mainly Isis were the banner bearers.

With a more European approach to it, the toulouseans, march on to their 3rd album with an attitude of resilience. Notwithstanding Naïve is one of those underground bands that take their sound and craft very seriously. The sound production is clear, and despite the heavy sound, the feeling of landscape is essential to Naïve’s music. We could say to the genre itself.


With a more of synth sound than expected, the sense of openness plays a heavy part in Altri, which tries to portrait the imagery of ascendance. Elevate Levitate gives way to the out-of-body experience that is to be displayed. It can grasp you w/ its opening, but the repeated song structure gives some sense of looseness when you start entering into Yshbel.

The sound is paced and slowed, w/ heavy guitar chords, contrasted by the occasional compassed rhythmic sections. The driving complex riffs (that I love so much in Opeth) don’t make their scene here. However sound technicality is not the key-word, in Naïve’s music.  What is expected is to savor each note, as if simply you were not there, in a sense of alienation and abstraction of everything which is material.

Eric “Rico” Zadro’s base, almost invisible, gives the background to Julien “Jouch” Rouche’s Guitar, which is in charge of the programming as well, along w/ drummer Clarence “Mox” Mocquet.
Although committed in their task, the lack of a great lyric that you appreciate in Tool, does not help to make you apart of what surrounds you. Partly, it has to do with a weaker affinity to the English language.

Altra does not immerge into you, but lets you immerge in its atmosphere, delivering into this never-ending voyage of the soul.


Words by Vasco Baptista

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