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Negura Bunget – Tau

Rita Limede 28/08/2015 No Comments on Negura Bunget – Tau
Negura Bunget – Tau


 There are many folk bands out there, and as you can imagine, more black metal bands that you ever thought. Very few can match those ethnical folk elements with the raw black metal riffs and make the sound something enjoyable to listen to. Negura Bunget is one of those rare cases and the new album Tau is probably so far, the best of their career. Do not hope to dance, to drink till you fall, or to cheer up in the middle of the night, the proposal in here is quite different. The journey can take you far away into the deeps of your mind, trough landscapes where tribes live quite distant from your room, and the spirits of the dark forest come to haunt every little corner around you. The tracks “Nămetenie”, “Izbucul galbenei”, “Curgerea muntelui”, and the majestic “Împodobeala timpului”, are proof that folk can also be a trip to somewhere more deep and interesting than just a dancing party (nothing against it tough).


Words by: Daniel Lemminkäinen



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