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ODDLAND – Vermilion

João Osório 08/06/2022 Comments Off on ODDLAND – Vermilion

Oddland is a Finnish progressive metal band formed in 2003. In 2011 they won the “Suomi Metal Star” and signed a contract with Century Media for the release of their first album in 2012. Ten years later, in March of this year, they released their third album “Vermilion”: a little gem that has apparently gone unnoticed.

From the first piano strokes until the end, what is found in this album is a cut of the finest progressive metal released in recent years. The songs flow wonderfully, linking to each other so smoothly that make the time passing imperceivable. In addition to the musical construction, two elements stand out in this album: the bass and the voice. The bass sounds powerful, adding a bit of groove to the album at various moments; the voice is clear, crystalline and intense, as if Sakari Ojanen puts all his soul into the words he utters. The icing on the cake is the saxophone on the “Feed the Void” song with some Arabic-alike melodies.

Time flies fast while listening to this album. But also, in reality, the album is a bit short. One more 5/6 minute song and it would be the perfect album with the perfect timing.
Despite that fact, this is one of those works that a good music’s collector should have in his discography – to sit down, close his eyes and embark on the extraordinary journey that the band offers.

8,5 / 10





Review by João Osório
Managing editor: Elsa Marques



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