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ORANSSI PAZUZU – Mestari Kynsi

Lara Brito 07/10/2020 Comments Off on ORANSSI PAZUZU – Mestari Kynsi

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Oranssi Pazuzu is a Finnish psychedelic black metal band formed in 2007. This band is able to make you travel into dark environments. Although it can sometimes be a little suffocating, for those who like black metal and psychedelic, I strongly recommend listening to one of the most innovative bands in the world of the black metal.

After four years without releasing an album, the last one being Värähtelijä, they finally released on April 17th their fifth album – Mestari Kynsi.

Mestari Kynsi will take you on a mental journey. What makes this album interesting is the fact that the tension, a usual characteristic created by the band’s ambience, increases from song to song. Ilmestys and Tyhjyyden Sakramentti are the calmest songs, with a tranquillity that creates certain anxiety but that is quickly broken with screams and bold electronic sounds. From the third song onwards, Uusi Teknokratia, that tranquillity begins to disappear and the heavier sounds and sensations begin. Taivaan Portti is perhaps the one that awakes the greater feeling of agony. In the middle of the music, we can listen to frequencies that we can compare to a dental appointment – where we are being tortured with the sound of the dental drilling.

Every album released by Oranssi Pazuzu is a surprise and Mestari Kynsi isn’t an exception.


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