Friday 27th January 2023,
The Black Planet

Order Of 315 – Antipi


 If someone’s already came up with the term “groovecore” – nowadays everything’s possible in that field – then that’s what Order Of 315 play. The concept sounds interesting, but the outcome is not that much.

Metalcore is a broad genre, embracing several nuances, and Order Of 315 seem to want to experience as many as they can. But there’s a certain line between diversity and lack of coherence – even if they bind them by imprinting a groovy texture to the song structure (hence the aforementioned “groovecore” kind-of-joke). Or, in a worse scenario, what this album lacks is a capacity to impress you.

The vocals don’t help. Not that Edgar Jabberworcky has a bad voice, no, but its rawness is somewhat steady, not keeping up with the constant variations within their music, and therefore sounding out of place. He would fit way better in a straightforward hardcore band, for instance.

Both first tracks, “A Slap On The Wrist” and “Telescope”, flirt with progressive metal, “Abelian” and “Greyscale” point towards nu-metal, the first initial bass line of “Rumble Fish” reminding so much of Body Count’s “Born Dead”, an attempt of a catchy chorus in “The Feather Factor” but turning out a bit annoying instead… All songs have a little spark which, however, is incapable to start up a fire, making “Antipi” a very average album.

5 / 10

Words by: Renata Lino



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