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ORDINUL NEGRU – Faustian Nights

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Romanian Ordinul Negru has been active on the metal scene since 2004. The band started as a one man project and in order to allow Ordinul Negru to perform as a live act, it evolved into a full band in 2015. Their latest full length record entitled ‘Faustian Nights’ was released in collaboration with Loud Rage Music.

‘Faustian Nights’ first track is ‘Approaching the Door of Damnation’. A song that develops from a intro of ambient sounds that slowly become covered by the distorted guitars. The tempo of the song is rather slow and the band maintained the nice atmospheric sonority while including the bright guitars and extremely fast sections accompanied by growl vocals. This track is a good quality introduction for the album, showing that the band is going to present us something more than another harsh guitar massacre.

After a quite gentle introduction it is time for a proper display of power – ‘Killing Tristan’ is an amazing and powerful piece of black metal music. Here the strong guitars together with a quick drum pace, are filled with melancholic effects from the keyboards with the special addition of choir chants – a sound that adds a lot to the overall feeling transmitted in this song. It comes as no surprise that this track was selected as a single for this record.

‘Sol Omnia Regit’ in my opinion is the the most interesting piece of music on ‘Faustian Nights’, representing how the entire album is simply amazing. With a slow, almost sludge-like guitar riff accompanied by gentle sounds of the synth  evolving into a much faster track accompanied by strong, harsh yet clear vocals. The whole song maintains a classic slower verse, but still includes faster chorus that bring us back to the intro of the song.

To sum up, ‘Faustian Nights’ is simply an amazing piece of atmospheric black metal. The album is very well produced, with the different layers of sound nicely exposed and all fitting perfectly to compose a musical masterpiece. The album left a very good impression and it is fair to place this band in the same level as Behemoth or Rotting Christ. I need to admit that ‘Faustian Nights’ is one of the best metal albums I have got the chance to listen to in the last few months.


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Review by Kasper Pasinski
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