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ORION DUST – Duality

Kasper Pasinski 28/09/2018 Comments Off on ORION DUST – Duality

Duality is the debut record from the French progressive band Orion Dust.  The band leader and mentor, Fabien Buron, has been working on this piece of music since 2011. This album is the culmination of almost seven years of work. During this time, he involved other musicians which are now part of the band. Now, the music that he had trapped inside is mind is out for all of us to listen.

The opening track of the album is called ‘Cliffs of Moher’. The song starts with a strong synthesizer sound which quickly moves into some mellow vocals, accompanied by the sound of a melody provided by an acoustic guitar. Then it explodes in the second part, with the return of the synthesizer sound and an electric guitar. It’s a great opener for the record, and this style and quality can be observed throughout the whole album.

Another interesting piece that stands out  ‘Absencia’. This is a is a minimalist and instrumental piece, with a simple composition. This song sounds like taken out of the apocalyptic movie soundtrack, which adds to its magic. There is a lot of darkness in this song, and even though we have no heavy drumming or riffs, I found ‘Absencia’ the heaviest track on the whole record.

‘Duality’, the title track, is a perfect summary of the record. This song is built on a slow guitar riff, that suddenly turns  into a powerful sound. As a result, we get the most metal track on the record. Cécile Kaszowski, Orion Dust’s lead vocalist, does not play around and uses her voice in full power! This song has  also something that I always expect from the prog records –  a change of pace and an epic guitar solo.

In short,  ‘Duality’ is an interesting album, and strong debut work for Orion Dust. It has interesting changes from calm verse parts to explosive choruses, pumping this album with a nice portion of energy and fresh air. The album has this powerful ‘Jon Lord type’ of synthesizer entry where the sound is added on a single note out of nowhere to quickly turn into a keyboard riff present throughout the most of the song. ‘Duality’ is an interesting record not only for prog music lovers, but for all music lovers out there. Orion Dust has delivered a piece of easy to listen but at the same time complex music. Let’s hope they will keep this good form in the future.


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Review by Kasper Pasinski
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